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Kundalini.Global yoga & personal consultations for recovery and rehabilitation, individually tailored to suit your specific needs.

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Personal Consultations

Founded in over a decade of experience combining yoga, the training of Wendy Mandy, and the energy healing of the Four Winds School, personal sessions are tailored to your individual journey.



Created in partnership with those we love recovering from breast cancer, classes or one-to-one sessions are offered online, and focus on bringing peace on the journey to recovery, rehabilitation and reclaiming the self. 

A percentage of class proceeds are given to the Pink Ribbon Foundation in support of their work on breast cancer research & awareness.

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For over a decade, I have been privileged to build my experience learning from world-renowned acupuncturist and healer Wendy Mandy, inspired by ancient traditions and indigenous tribes around the world, and have qualified as a graduate of the Four Winds School, known as the ‘Harvard’ of shamanic medicine founded by global authority Alberto Villoldo.


Alongside this my discovery of Kundalini.Global yoga, created by Carolyn Cowan, after over 11 years of practising yoga led me to qualify in the first cohort of graduating teachers because of the profoundly transformational effects of this radically inclusive practise.


It is a privilege to be able to bring these elements together in Transform Method, in order to share the extraordinary benefits I have experienced through these elements with others recovering or rehabilitating from stress or anxiety, or those simply striving to finding a way to live peacefully in our modern world – to reclaim ourselves.



Gentle Kundalini.Global yoga 

Tuesdays | 6.30pm (London time) Online

Inspired and created in partnership with a dear friend recovering from breast cancer, this ultra-gentle Kundalini.Global yoga practise aims to address positive hormonal balance in the body and release anxiety and stress, restoring peace and bringing a more confident mindset into being. 10% of proceeds are given to support the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

Please note this is not a medical treatment.


Kundalini.Global yoga | Moderate

Tuesdays | 7.30pm (London time) Online

A 60 minute Kundalini.Global yoga practise incorporating more dynamic movement. The practise aims to reduce stress and anxiety through the transformative power of yoga and breath. 

Please note this is not a medical treatment.



By appointment

Personalised sessions tailored to your needs. Please email to book a session. 



London, SW1 7710 456 043

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